Labour Day of the Heart: #IVF

Labour Day of the Heart: #IVF

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Labour day means so many things to different people. It began as a day off for front-line workers. It merged into the last long weekend of the summer before kids started school. To spend lazy afternoons camping with the kids or having friends over for a BBQ is the norm these days. When I think of kids I think of the birthing day (aka THE Labour Day.) When you become pregnant, the Birthing/Labour day is the finish line. For some women, they just want to start the journey to motherhood.
Back-To-School campaigns can make some people sad. They cry on Labour Day. As kids go back to school, government returns to session. Now that the election is completed, I wonder if the government is considering in adding to the health care policy to include funding for IVF treatments.
Currently, many women transfer multiple embryos during IVF, in hopes that one will grow into a baby. Often, twins, triplets and quads end up with families that were trying to just have one baby. Multiple births can be costly over the lifetime of the children and the mother. There are many maternal health risks and health care challenges for multiples, like lifetime illnesses, disabilities and more.

As it says in this article: it can help all of us as taxpayers.There are many people trying to help moms be moms by supporting the initiative to have IVF publicly funded for them. If you are suffering from infertility, check out the site for information and support.

As I pack up for my own young daughters to get ready for school, I see how Labour Day can be hard for many women wanting to be in my shoes. I hope our province can join the many other places like Quebec and Australia who help families be born.

Do you know anyone who is suffering from infertility and trying to save up for treatments? Are they foregoing many things to help fund it? Please send them here for more information.

Back to School can mean back to Families First in this Province this fall.

Disclosure: I am a valued member of the #IVF4BC blog team. As such, I received compensation, but my opinion on this blog is my own.

Grief is like Another Child

Grief is like Another Child

20130205-092247.jpgHearing the cars outside just highlights that I need to get to sleep. The moonlight peeks through the blinds in our bedroom. I need to sleep. I do not know when she will wake me up. My four-year-old has a horrible sleep track record. Most nights I take the midnight shifts to let my hubby be rested for work.

Today was one of the bad days in our world of autism. She did not sleep last night so the morning ABA session did not go well. She screamed to leave. When I took her to preschool, I did not expect it to go well. An hour later I had got the call from her aide that she was inconsolable. I went to get her early. For the rest of the afternoon and into the evening she wailed. I had no idea how to help her. She does not speak so it makes it even more heart breaking. I hate myself for saying how much Autism can suck.

At that moment I said it in my head, the tears rolled fast. I turned away from my husband to try not to wake him. I balled my fist into my mouth to muffle my sobs. It took several minutes for the tears to stop. It is like I lost someone I never knew. Only we do not have a funeral. Grieving about it gives power to the feeling that it is like another child. She is my daughter and I will do anything for her. Right now I accepted the grief so I can move forward and be the mom she needs in me.

What to Say and Not to an Autism Warrior Parent

What to Say and Not to an Autism Warrior Parent

I know I should have thicker skin when it comes to snide remarks. I know I should let it roll off my back. I know I shall expect it again. It makes my brain go into what people should say. They are:

5 things Not to Say to an Autism Parent

  1. Everything happens for a reason.
  2. At least the child is healthy.
  3. That must be tough.
  4. Can’t you control your kid? ( or the nasty glances.)
  5. I don’t know how you do it.
  6. This kid is born to you because you are strong and can handle it all.

5 things to say to an Autism Parent

  1. How are you?
  2. Can I babysit sometime?
  3. Your kid is wonderful/smart/delightful.
  4. The world is a better place with your kid in it.
  5. _______________________________________

I wish to put this on a laminated card to hand out when people approach me . I wonder what the fifth thing that should be on that list.

What would you say to a parent with a child on the spectrum that is positive?

An IVF Confession #ivf4bc

shutterstock_88446694Watching *Cathy console her little boy, *Bryan, you would think they are just like any other mother and child at the playground. She sends him off after a few sips of water and goldfish. He races off to meet his friends. Cathy watches him go with a look that beams of pride. Only, their story is so much more than pride.

We chat a bit and she slowly opens up about her story. Her and her husband tried for years to get pregnant. When the traditional calendar watching and other means did not work they wondered what to do next. Due to their cultural values and family, they did not know if they could go through in vitro fertilization or adoption. For a long time, both of their parents would ask when would the couple make them grandparents. At family holiday gatherings, as they saw their nieces and nephews race around the home, there was always a needling relative asking when is it their time.

People mean well when they ask what they think is an innocent question. Only it feels like an arrow through their heart. They want to be a family so badly. They have great jobs and a beautiful home. One day Cathy was at her doctor’s for the latest test results on her egg count when she spied an IVF brochure on the table in the waiting room. She slipped it into her purse to look at it in private.

Later that night she talked it over with her husband. They agreed to start the procedure in private. They would cash in their Savings account to pay for the treatments. After three attempts and one miscarriage, they got pregnant with Bryan.

Their family does not know. You can imagine how happy they are along with their families to have a beautiful happy son.

I watch them pack up and leave. Their hands joined together as they walk home. I can’t help but think of them and other families who may hold a similar story. Every holiday that a couple goes childless opens up the heartache. Not everyone is like Cathy who had the financial means to have the IVF treatments.

With all the benefits to get public funding for IVF treatments, I wonder if this year will be BC’s year to get it?

Personally, I believe the parents who want to be parents by any and every means are the best kind. With some provinces and countries world-wide providing public funding for IVF, will more BC families get help too?

Follow them on Twitter: @ivf4bc

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*Names have been changed to protect their privacy.

Disclosure: I am a valued member of the #IVF4BC blog team. As such, I received compensation, but my opinion is my own.

ThinkitOVER Mom #MillionMoments

ThinkitOVER Mom #MillionMoments

I am so grateful to be a mom in the era of smartphones. In a blink of an eye, while you are digging for your camera, the sweet kid moment could be gone. There are hundreds of snaps of my kids on my phone. For the many times that I forget to bring the video camera, I have utilized the video option on my smartphone.

I have caught pre-school songs, sister moments when they think I am not watching, self-portraits with my girls and so much more. I always have my phone near me. You never know when a moment comes as fast as it goes.

My girls share a room because of space in our townhome. Our room is located just across the hallway, with the ensuite right between the two rooms. One day, I climbed out of the shower to the sound of giggles. I quickly got dressed and snuck over to their door.

I spied my oldest in her toddler bed doing prat falls much to the delight of her baby sister who was standing in her crib.

I whip out my phone and start taking pictures. I am candidly caught and they slowly wind down. I ask my baby to smile and this is what I got in return.

It is now 4 years later from when I took that priceless picture. My girls are growing too fast. As they get older there are always new moments captured on camera but I find myself taking less and less now. I used to snap all the milestone pictures and write a story for each. Now, I am in the moments instead of being behind the camera. It is a very beautiful place to be.

Have you felt OVERstretched in the world of motherhood? You will be happy to know that you are not alone. Fisher Price is launching the Million Moments of Joy campaign, which celebrates the REAL joys of motherhood.

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Disclosure: I am participating in the Million Moments of Joy Blogger Campaign by Mom Central Canada on behalf of Fisher-Price. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own.


Home alone and being domestic.

Home alone and being domestic.

I run through house and take the stairs two by two. Dropping my purse on the kitchen table, I turn to the the kitchen sink.
I load the sink to wash the lunch dishes. As it fills, I run back down the stairs to the laundry room to switch a load from washer to dryer.
I wash and rinse the dishes in a flurry and place to dry. My thoughts run everywhere as I stare out the window. I see a mom crossing the street with her child in a stroller.
I am flooded with memories of the past few years. I recall back then when I wondered how I would I feel when both of my girls would be in school. It is been two years since my youngest was in the stroller. I remember that ‘burden’ of trying to get everything done with the kids in tow. It is at that moment I realize how the silence of the house engulfed me.
I laugh. It is the moment that both kids are in school, I dreamt of this moment back in the stroller days, and what do I do? Housework. I swore in the past I would spend the first few quiet hours doing something for me. I put on the kettle to make tea. Once it’s brewed, I head through the kitchen and walk into the living room. I grab the remote and sit down. Putting my feet up, I turn on the TV to watch something for me.


What would you do with a free morning?